Growing up in the brief age of media rentals, I always stood in awe of cinematic achievement for its capacity to drive people’s perception.

Today, thinking design across multiple disciplines, my attitude towards work is one of being useful by crafting excitement.

More so than highlighting affordances, meticulously planning sifnifiers, or marketing conceptual models, design seems to be noticing grief and providing a blueprint for solace.

My work revolves around creating concepts for exciting experiences. Motion and 3D are my tools of choice - they lend themselves well to iterating on ideas in the domains of emerging technology—IoT, AR, VR, 3D print, and AI.

Side note: The dislay typeface used for this web project is Faune, drawn by Alice Savoie for CNAP.

I live and work in Vienna, Austria. Contact me here for collaboration requests or information on commissions.

On mainstream design platforms, projects can generally be found @kennethitamah