Kenneth is my name.

I was born in Austria and grew up in awe of the cinematic.

Today, my joy is perpetual learning and experimenting.

Whenever time permits, design is how I explore the world.

The focus is on brand identity, interaction, and motion.

Day-to-day, I’m an aspiring product professional.

My operations are based in Vienna.

On social, you can find me @kennethitamah.

New work will first be made public here.

“Can I commission you?”

K: Not at the moment. Maybe pro bono.

“What about your education?”

K: My background is in tech and business.

“Can you recommend any books or other design-related material?”

K: Loads. Contact me.

“Who built your website?”

K: I did. It’s far from done.

“What’s that huge typeface?”

K: Faune, drawn by Alice Savoie for CNAP.

“Would you be interested in collaborating on something?”

K: If it’s a true passion project, always!