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Product development
Design ethics
The revaluation of values

On the merit of products

Q: Between a bird at 4AM, the promise of serendipity, and a slap in the face when you need one: which is the most valuable?

Q: Is there ever a point where it clearly becomes wrong to adhere to the old adage of “following the market”? The core of developing consumer products, which, certainly, in the 2020s includes services, and particularly when it comes to the digital variety, is creating distinct value for a subset of people.

Q: Swinging Nietzsche’s hammer in the vicinity of Smith’s timeless ideas on wealth and Hume’s requirements for civilisation, is it becoming a necessity to prioritize people’s needs on a population-level, to patronize even?

Q: When is it impractical to pursue meta-value?

A price for everyone’s soul

Privacy, pseudonimity, and analogue mystery as a coveted commodity.


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