acqua alta

This homage and practice piece is a brand concept with Italian festive heritage at its core. It is tailored to a lifestyle or government-affiliated business operating within the beverages, hydroelectric power, or water filtration sectors.

The wordmark is custom-made. I intended for it to communicate sanctioned, technical trustworthiness with sufficient charme to fit a lifestyle brand. The bowls of the letters are thick and evenly spaced, establishing rhythm. Humanist elements, such as the ears on the “a” characters, were added to offset the harshness of a geometric stylistic foundation, while a second dimension of contrast is generated through juxtaposing circular and rectangular base shapes.

Thorough study of typography led me to start creating my own letters, and I have accumulated a number of hand-drawn script drafts, which I may utilize in future projects.

Making a motion poster for smart signage systems was the original idea for this concept as well as TOBE’s. It is featuring a FLIP-based 3D simulation with multiple forces directing fluid particles around in a way that creates a splashing effect. The sound design is inspired by field recordings mastered to resemble water in an enclosed space, like an underground canal or indoor pool, with a warm ambience.

The brand is in part an ode to the traditional Festa di San Marco of Venice and, it’s namesake, the acqua alta natural phenomenon. The copy on the poster reads stanzas by Francesco Petrarca, to whom we owe the petrarchan sonnet, and the typeface is Faune, made by Alice Savoie for the Centre National des Arts Plastique.

Austria in Space

Austria in Space is an exercise in science-fiction and the application of augmented reality.


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