This is a selection of rousing works that effectively guide, push, and punch me into the direction of professional growth. Because I find most publications on business and management to be nauseating, it centres around meta-skills.


Reading attentively is tough work. Books seldomly deserve their hundreds of pages. My hope is that these companions will save some of your precious time sifting through inane material and support you as they continue to support me.

speeches & podcasts

Lex Fridman’s podcast of the same name is a collection of long-form interviews centred around the insights gained by some of the most interesting contemporary thinkers. The aesthetic is sober, with a strong focus on science and technology.

Patrick Winston’s lecture on speaking is something very fundamental I wish I had heard in school.

Peter Attia’s body of research and podcast, The Drive, focuses on physical health, longevity, and performance. He is my most trusted source on these subjects.

Neri Oxman’s presentation on bio-inspired design, very convincingly, heralds the use of organical, grown design components as the fourth industrial revolution.

Ash Thorp’s podcast, The Collective, brings to you endlessly inspiring encounters with today’s giants of the arts and entertainment industry.

articles & resources

Waking Up, the meditation tool named after Sam Harris’ homonymous book and podcast, is the only app of this genre I find tasteful. They recently released a feature, “Moments”, which really does helps me find a window of clarity on even the busiest of days.

The Gapminder Foundation, conceived by Hans rosling, provides a positive outlook on global matters based on data, something that often comes as a surprise in light of political climates.

Tristan Harris’ ethical movement, Time Well Spent, brings attention to the unprecedented power technologists and designers have today, as well as strategies for wielding it in a humane way.

Poolsuite.net, previously Poolside.fm, is the place to tune into when you need a mental break at work but can’t really go anywhere.

Untools, by product designer Adam Amran, is a greatly useful collection of thinking frameworks that will provide aid in all manners of decision-making.

Start-up advisor Shreyas Doshi’s twitter threads, quirky as the format is, prove immensely insightful when it comes to gathering cues from someone on the cutting edge of the product development community.