This is a selection of luminous works that perpetually guide, push, and punch me into the direction of professional growth. Because I find most publications on business and management to be nauseating, the focus is on meta-level skills.


Reading, attentively, is tough, and books seldomly deserve their hundreds of pages. My hope is that these gems will save some of your precious time sifting through material and support you as they support me.

speeches & podcasts

Patrick Winston’s lecture on speaking is something very fundamental I wish I had heard in school.

Peter Attia’s body of research and podcast, The Drive, focuses on physical health, longevity, and performance. He is my most trusted source on these subjects.

Neri Oxmans’s presentation on bio-inspired design, very convincingly, heralds the use of organical, grown design components as the fourth industrial revolution.

Ash Thorp’s podcast, The Collective, brings to you endlessly inspiring encounters with today’s giants of the arts and entertainment industry.

articles & resources

Tristan Harris’ ethical movement, Time Well Spent, brings attention to the unprecedented power technologists and designers have today, as well as strategies for wielding it in a humane way.

The Gapminder Foundation, conceived by Hans rosling, provides a positive outlook on global matters based on data, something that often comes as a surprise in light of political climates.

Poolside.fm is the place to be when you need a break but can’t go anywhere.