An homage and practice piece for a brand concept geared toward an aviation company established in legacy aircraft maintenance, aerospace engineering, or flight control systems. It was imagined with Japan’s industrial history in mind.

The wordmark was drawn by hand to better highlight the notion of finest quality standards, speed, and freedom of the sky together with an European automotive undertone. For that reasons, the letters' stems and arms were modelled after the aerodynamic flairing of wings, while ample counters were used to give off a sense of spaciousness. In combination with the high x-height, the B character employs negative space to create the impression of a vista.

This concept was inspired by the iconic Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane engineered in response to the second world war’s arms race and its then revolutionary engine design. The motion poster contains a volumetric particle simulation shaded and force-directed to appear like a maelstrom cloud. Sound design consists of field recordings distorted and flanged to give the idea of breaking winds at high velocity combined with the Doppler effect of sirens and other moving aircraft.

The stylistic copy consists of the specifications and versioning of the original engine and plane. For the accompanying typeface, the Polish Brygada 1918 was chosen, remade for digital systems by Mateusz Machalski, Ania Wieluńska, Borys Kosmynka, and Przemysław Hoffer

acqua alta

acqua alta is an homage to the city of Venice disguised as wet advertising material.


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